The Thunderbolt Axe (Axe) is not intended for household of personal use. The Axe is designed and developed for numerous applications for use by firefighters, law enforcement, tactical forces and others with training in emergency, life saving and rescue services. The Axe is a tool for highly trained professionals. The Axe has been designed to perform specific emergency and lifesaving functions all of which require special training and instruction to safely utilize this device. The Axe is designed for use in lifesaving and emergency situations all of which involve a high degree of risk. Only highly trained individuals should use the Axe in life threatening circumstances.

Do not use the Thunderbolt Axe unless you have been properly trained in the safe use of the Axe in a variety of situations specific to its application. In order to minimize the risk of injury or death in the use of the Axe, the user must have adequate training in applying the Axe to various types of materials under a variety of conditions. The user must understand building and structural design, building material resistances and tolerances in order to safely minimize the risks of injury with its use. Improper use of the Axe without specialized education and training may expose the user to substantial risk of injury or death.

The Thunderbolt Axe has been designed to meet the strenuous requirements of its specialized use. The Axe head and doe’s foot are manufactured with tool steel and the handle is reinforced fiberglass. As with any specialized self-rescue tool, exposure to extreme temperatures for a prolonged period of time may compromise its fitness for use. Due to this potential compromise in strength following such exposure, the Axe should not be used.

There are many other dangers and risks associated with using the Axe that are not discussed here and many dangers and risks not known or even reasonably foreseeable at this time. The user of the Thunderbolt Axe completely accepts and assumes all of the risks associated with its use and operation. This includes any and all risks and dangers of bodily injury, permanent disability, death and or property damage to the user and others.