Thunderbolt Axe

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Introducing the Thunderbolt Axe – A new way to handle modern firefighting with roots deeply embedded in tradition.

All Thunderbolt Axes are custom made to order from the options below.

Important note about our axe sizing:

We measure for the “throw of the axe” – from the bottom of the Does Foot (hand position) to the top of the axe. This measurement does not include the Pry Fork at the bottom of the Does Foot, which adds an additional 1 3/4″ to the total length of the axe.


Introducing the Thunderbolt Axe – A new way to handle modern firefighting with roots deeply embedded in tradition. We looked at the core jobs encountered on the fire ground and developed a tool that not only addressed the demands of the tasks to be performed, but perform them with efficiency and speed. Giving you more energy, time, and creativity to get in, get out, and get the job done.


  • Thin axe blade and angled cutting edge allows axe to penetrate and cut a variety of materials
  • Long neck receives fiberglass core and acts as strike protection
  • Adz is thin to get between the door and the jam. Long enough to reach behind the door.
  • Textured adz to give extra contact grip
  • The adz has a chiseled edge for purchases and cutting
  • Multiple attachment points accommodate  carabiners as well as rope and webbing

Does Foot

  • Shaped for comfort
  • Durable and hefty to act as a striking end and a fulcrum to the forks
  • Forked ends are tapered for purchase ease and textured for contact grip
  • Spacing on the forks will accommodate different size shut-offs from multiple angles
  • Attachment point receives carabiner
  • Weighted for strength as well as aiding in balancing the axe to lesson fatigue

NUPLA Handle

  • Attached to head and foot with NUPLA bond
  • Fiberglass core is 10x stronger than wood
  • Molded plastic overpack with ergonomic comfort for less hand fatigue and ease of grip



  • 32″ handle =  7.75 lbs
  • 30″ handle =  7.55 lbs
  • 28″ handle =  7.35 lbs
  • 26″ handle =  7.15 lbs
  • 24″ handle =  7 lbs

** All axe weights are +/- 1 ounce.


We measure for the “throw of the axe” – from the bottom of the Does Foot (hand position) to the top of the axe. This measurement does not include the Pry Fork at the bottom of the Does Foot, which adds an additional 1 3/4″ to the total length of the axe.

  • 32″ handle =  33 3/4″ total length
  • 30″ handle =  31 3/4″ total length
  • 28″ handle =  29 3/4″ total length
  • 26″ handle =  27 3/4″ total length
  • 24″ handle =  25 3/4″ total length

Axe Head

  • Length = 12 1/4″ (Adz to cutting tip)
  • Height = 7 1/4″ (start of head to adz)
  • ADZ = 1 1/4″ (widest point)


9 reviews for Thunderbolt Axe

  1. Zach Leigh

    This is axe number two. The first one was so cool somebody swiped it! I love the versatility of this tool. It will be going on wild land with me as well. Customer service has been top notch and they even worked with me to get it engraved! Kudos to the Thunderbolt staff for an excellent product and an even better experience.

  2. Mike Francis (verified owner)

    This is a great product. Love how thin the head and the pick are. I was wondering if it would be sturdy enough to do some prying. While it’s not a Halligan, it exceeded my expectations. The ability to plunge makes it all the more versatile in tight spaces and is perfect for popping a quick hole in the ceiling. Having an anchor point for bailout was huge for me too. I purchased the 26″ and it’s the perfect size for an engine company officer.

  3. Michael Davis (verified owner)

    Bit of a read. I’ve been on the job for 17 years and have carried a 36″ 6# pick that I had tuned for 16 of them but in the last 7 I tinkered with the idea of welding an adz on to replace the pick. Low and behold I found the Thunderbolt. Initially Weston and the gang worked to produce a 36″ full length tool for me and it was good on a roof cutting and really good prying existing roof openings but how it preforms in forcible entry is game changing. After a few months I contacted Weston who quickly and cleanly shortened the tool to 30″ OAL. This company really cares about craftsmanship and takes a lot of pride in the quality of their tools. Since then 4 other members purchased thunderbolts after seeing it, occasionally with the help of an aluminum forcing wedge, force and take apart anything and everything I’ve thrown at it. Where this thing really shines is interior, forcing doors mid-search and breaching lath and plaster or shiplath walls in narrow “memorabilia” filled hallways. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a replacement for a Halligan but at a portion of the weight with a solid adz and very solid handle plus the ability to cut it covers A LOT of ground and irons see a lot less work than they did when I carried a pick head. The flat head does make using it to sound a little different but driving a wedge or Halligan is easy. Durability wise I haven’t broke it in a year which is pretty impressive. Also speaking to durability I drove the adz past the jam of our steel on steel door prop by beating on the metal part of the handle just below the head on the blade side with a pig. Besides some surface maring it didn’t care. Full disclosure I didn’t care for the forks, they were too short and the does foot interfered with them for serious forcing so i cut them down into a “gable” shape for punching indicator and extension check holes. They also caught on me a few times when cutting. With all the shapes in the tool I figured out how to use other parts of the tool for stuck gas utilities and much more. I also reversed the bevel to cut down on squirting when going 15:1 with the adz. I also requested mine without tape and I hand checkered the face of the does foot that mates with my fingers. It was nice finding the last personal tool I’ll buy, until I wear the adz down… Then I’ll buy another.

  4. Nick Heffington (verified owner)

    After a training the grip on my Thunder Bolt Axe got destroyed. Weston from @thunderboltproducts is AWESOME! He took time out of his very busy day to show me step by step on how to rewrap the handle the way it comes from them! @thunderboltproducts is AWESOME! I love mine and have tested it every way possible and it’s not broken or even shown signs of breaking!

  5. Scott H.

    Thank you!

    I had a chance to put the Thunderbolt to action on a commercial fire yesterday. The confined fire proved very difficult to access due to stainless steel sheeting, fiberglass infused plastic sheeting and double thick drywall throughout the kitchen area of a clubhouse. The narrow profile of the does foot FAR exceeded the Haligan in the ability to punch through the materials. The shorter length of the axe gave the Thunderbolt the advantage of swinging In tight confined spaces and the wrapped handle made gripping the wet axe very easy. Super pumped on the axe and quite a few guys were impressed on seeing the “what is that?!” go to work!

    Thanks for a great product!

  6. Oscar Carpio

    I’ve been a firefighter for 8 years. The past 2 years, I’ve carried the Thunderbolt Axe rather than the traditional pick head axe. The versatility of the Thunderbolt on the fire ground makes it second to none. The fork end at the bottom of the handle allows one to punch holes in the ceiling without the need of a pike pole for a quick look or to shutoff gas/water/utilities. It comes with carabiner-sized holes built into each end of the axe to repel in an emergency. It’s my tool of choice to place in my scabbard.

  7. Jeff Coombs

    Having the pleasure to use this tool I can honestly say that it is a solid tool with great craftsmanship. The limitations of this tool is up to your imagination, you can pry, cut, and strike with it. Being an FGS instructor in my department I know the importance of a good interior tool for both forcing entry and egress and this is the tool. I’ve used this tool to blast through drywall, lath and plaster, it’s great for popping holes in ceilings to see if there’s any fire above you, i’ve even trained with it as an anchor for bailing out above ground as a last resort. This is a great axe that can get the job done from forcing entry to overhaul to possibly saving your life with forcing egress.

  8. Andrew Chest

    The Thunderbolt is the most versatile axe out there. Multiple uses built into a well designed and durable axe.

  9. Dan Nare

    As a Firefighter It is important to carry the right tool for the job. The Thunderbolt Axe is like no other I have ever used. The versatility of the tool allows me to accomplish almost every job on the fire ground.

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