It all started over 30 years ago!  During this time, the experience consisted of a family construction company and a strong desire to become a fire fighter.  It was one particular job that set the wheels in motion.  It was a large demolition job with hundreds of feet of interior walls to be removed.  After days of toil, we started to get creative.  While eating our lunch we picked up a piece of metal that was lying on the ground and hit the wall with it.  We looked at each other with wide eyes and mouths open at what we had just witnessed.  The result of this piece of metal on the wall was amazing.  Nothing up to that point had cut so well and effortlessly.  We had soon fashioned a copy of our new found tool for all the members on our crew and were soon tearing down walls at break neck speed and efficiency.  The idea of this tool had stuck with me for years and surfaced again after becoming a firefighter.  Using traditional tools while firefighting left me wanting that ease and efficiency I had experienced all those years ago.

We wanted to make our tool for the fire service.  On the fire ground there isn’t just one job to do and we wanted a tool that could tackle these many different jobs.  We didn’t want to make a Swiss army knife, but a tool that addressed the core jobs that are encountered and more importantly one that utilized this special design.

With the help of a local blacksmith, a prototype was born and we were on our way.  I carried the axe with me on the job for two years putting it to task whenever I could.  It worked and worked well!  Next we incorporated the help of one of our own who beautifully crafted 13 more prototypes and passed them out to other departments.  Some of the originals are still being carried on the job today. Three years later, we got the feedback we needed. This gave us the fuel to move forward.  Our next move was to use a foundry that made firefighting tools and incorporated NUPLA handles that are the industry standard.  Many tests, trials and minor adjustments later, we had our final product.  

This has been an amazing journey to see our vision materialize and now share it with you. It is quite something to see a tool work in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing and how to use it.  I have seen technique and know how it accounts for a large part of success.  Please share your knowledge and look here to learn some ideas that you may be able to use and pass on.  There are some great tools out there and amazing people using them. I feel confident when I say, we ain’t seen nothing yet!  Thank you for giving us your attention.